Jason S. Ackerman

Jason S. Ackerman

Jason S. Ackerman is a beverage professional and mixologist from Cleveland, OH. He's mostly worked in NYC and Chicago for neighborhood bars, chef driven restaurants, and a few celebrity chefs.

Website URL: http://www.twitter.com/dmfsaint

How to Get a Bartender's Attention

Published in Food & Drink

We've all been there. You and your friends walk into a crowded bar with expectations of a great and memorable night. Your friends grab a table and you saunter up to the counter to place your order only to notice that the bartender is not only busy, but has that frazzled look of someone asked to do ten more push-ups after they’ve already collapsed in exhaustion. How can you get service from someone so obviously not paying attention to you? What should you do to stand out among the throng of people in the same predicament? There’s no need to panic. I’m here to help.

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