9 Chill Songs for Meditating or Relaxing

9 Chill Songs for Meditating or Relaxing

I am a huge fan of using music to help me maintain a peaceful mental state. On days when I notice anxiety is trying to creep in, or on days when I'm feeling a bit more antsy or frustrated, I like to make sure I'm surrounding myself with things that help me avoid going deeper into anxiety or angry thoughts. Music and aromatherapy help me a TON, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite go-to songs that I love to have on in the background while I meditate or chill. Honestly, I keep a lot of these songs on throughout the day too. It's nice to get a ton of work done while listening to stuff that helps me stay centered and relaxed.

Here are my favorite songs, hope you enjoy them! Feel free to share some of your favorite relaxing songs or playlists in the comments below!

1. This video is AWESOME because it was created to reduce anxiety levels, and it actually works! Read more on that here.

2. I LOVE RAIN NOISES & I LOVE flutes. This is one of my favorites, and I think you'll see why, if you dig rain as well.

3. Did I mention that I love the sound of rain? Well...I do, and here's another dope option with peaceful piano music and rain. I could stare at and listen to this video all day. Many evenings I leave this one on (quietly) while I sleep. I love it.

4. This is one of my favorite songs to wake up with. It's upbeat, peaceful, and there's a fun bonus too. If you watch long enough, eventually you'll see a fun surprise with the cat in the video. ;)

5. This video I like because when I have it up on my tv and I'm cleaning, relaxing or even meditating, it makes me feel like I'm hangin out at a fancy day spa. Don't ask why, that's just what my brain gets out of it. Either way, it's nice and peaceful and soothing.

6. In addition to loving rain, I also love flutes and wind chimes. I have WAY too many (if there is such a thing) wind chime videos saved to playlists. They're a nice go-to for me.

7. I love this one because it's very peaceful and ambient. Some occasional nature noises pop up, but not in a distracting way. Plus, I love the images they chose to rotate through while the music plays.

8. Have I mentioned that I also love water? Cause I do. This one has some dope drumming and the visuals they put together of the water and sky are so pretty and relaxing.

9. This is another great video that I could stare at all day and listen to all day. I just love water, and the way they overlay it is so cool.

Hope y'all enjoy! Stay calm & kick ass!

(Photo Credit: Mohammad Metri on Unsplash)

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